måndag 23 mars 2020

Dear Guardians/Parents:

We have received many questions from guardians/parents about the flu, covid-19. We understand that the situation creates many questions and concerns. It is a unique situation that we find ourselves in.

Many guardians/parents want to have information on school staff’s or other children’s health conditions. There are requests that preschools and schools shall give out information as to whom are healthy or sick and if someone is sick, what sickness that they have. Laws regarding patient privacy in Sweden are such that preschools and school do not receive information on which sickness that a person has. That means that preschools and schools do not receive and thus can not give out information about an individual’s health condition. You can help to prevent gossip and speculations by not sending out information about other family’s health conditions. 

Region Östergötland has stopped tracking people that have the virus and only take covid-19 tests for people that have respiratory problems and are in need of hospital care. This means that a person that is less seriously sick will not know which sickness that he or she has. 

Folkhälsomyndighetens advice is that all healthy children/pupils/students and school employees should go to preschool, school or their job. This even includes those that have encountered people that have different symptoms. Children/pupils and school employees that have symptoms should stay at home until they are healthy and then wait at least two more days before they go back to preschool/school or their job. This is regardless of which sickness that one has. A few general tips that you can do yourself in order to avoid receiving or spreading sicknesses such as covid-19 are:

Wash your hands often and thoroughly with soap and water.
Try to avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.
Keep a certain distance to the person that coughs or sneezes.
Avoid shaking hands.

In order to reduce the risk of possible contagion, the cleaning of our preschool and school facilities will be increased to a few times every day.

Please read about how Norrkoping’s kommun works at the following website. The information is continually updated.  https://www.norrkoping.se/information-om-det-nya-coronaviruset.html

We understand that this situation is challenging, but we thank you for your understanding and consideration.

Johanna och Maja

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